October 16th, 2014

Trends in Photovoltaic Applications - 2014 report

IEA PVPS has published its 19th edition of the international survey report on Trends in Photovoltaic (PV) Applications up to 2013. The “Trends Report” is one of the flagship publications of the IEA PVPS Programme, documenting the evolution of PV applications within its member countries as well as worldwide.

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October 14th

Wind Powered Industrial Processes

This Application Note outlines two methods to assess the viability of industrial processes powered by an onsite wind turbine. Both of the methods focus on whether an organization has the flexibility needed to gain maximum benefit from self-consumption of onsite wind power.

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October 13th

Analysis of Long-Term Performance of PV Systems

Understanding the efficiency of a PV system and the root cause of faults can contribute to the further development and implementation of PV systems worldwide.

The market for PV systems is rapidly and significantly expanding in an increasing number of countries. This strong market expansion requires the availability of and access to reliable information on the performance and sustainability of PV systems, to be shared with the various actors.

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October 10th

Energy Management Foundation Training

This course offers a foundation training on energy management. It is based primarily on the ISO 50001 standard. It is organised in 9 chapters:

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Electricity System Operation - Fundamentals of Matching

Electricity flows from Alternator to Appliance at the speed of light and there is no storage in the wires.  Thus, each Electricity system is always in perfect balance;

Sum of Generation Power = Sum of Demand Power.

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Future Power Systems

"The Future is out there somewhere; we just have to make sure we get the best one"

"There are an infinite number of ways of running an Electricity Supply system badly"

When the GB System Demand Peaks at 60GW, we are pushing 85 million Brakehorsepower through a quite fragile set of wires.

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September 30th

Island States: Renewable Energy Policy Pioneers

Toby Couture
Post date: 
Tue, 09/30/2014 - 07:15

This session is part of the Clean Energy Regulators Initiative Webinar Programme.

Theme 9 - Energy Access

Module 4 - Island States

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Wireless energy transmission

Electric current is used for two very different purposes: the transmission of energy and the transmission of information. Although the methods and equipment used differ significantly, the same underlying properties of electric current are utilised.

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September 15th

A new classification of barriers to energy efficiency

What are the barriers and drivers for energy efficiency? Under what circumstances do they arise? How important are they in different contexts? How do the different actors intervene to overcome these barriers? These are just some of the issues discussed in “Barriers and drivers to energy efficiency – A new taxonomical approach” by B. Sudhakara Reddy of the Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research in Mumbai.

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New generation of copper conductors for overhead lines

Gustau Castellana
Post date: 
Mon, 09/15/2014 - 12:41

Transmission network operators are facing substantial and even contradictory challenges. A highly variable renewable energy supply and an increased focus on energy efficiency require a reinforcement of the grid, but the resistance against the construction of new lines has never been so high. The new generation of copper alloy conductors can be part of the solution.

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