November 21st, 2014

Saving energy in schools

The implementation of some simple energy-saving measures in schools can reduce energy consumption, save money, improve conditions for staff and students, and cut carbon emissions.

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November 18th

Integrated Home Systems - Chapter 5 - Structured Cabling

It used to be a lot easier. It used to be that 230V cabling would be laid in the newly built home, to which a few sockets, power points and switches were connected. At most, there was also a telephone socket in the wall and a coax cable connection for the television. A small distribution board was sufficient to protect a few socket circuits and lighting circuits. The installation was ready.

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Lighting tutorial

Modern dimmable electronic ballasts provide excellent versatility for lighting scenes in conference rooms, theatres and the like where magnetic ballasts cannot compete, although a new technique to make magnetic ballasts dimmable is presently under development in Canada but not yet available on the market (for news on this see here).

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November 15th

The potential for global energy savings from high-efficiency distribution transformers

Paul Waide
Post date: 
Sat, 11/15/2014 - 15:54

In this webinar, the report “PROPHET II: The potential for global energy savings from high-efficiency distribution transformers” is presented. This significant and strategically important report, prepared by Waide Strategic Efficiency Limited and N14 Energy Limited, is an update of the 2006 report of the same title, continuing the story and supplying much new information while retaining the original core material.

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A compendium on the many benefits of energy efficiency

Traditionally the benefits of energy efficiency have been focused on energy demand reduction and lower greenhouse gas emissions. However, there are many other areas in which clear benefits of energy efficiency have been documented.

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Structuring Demand-Side Management Projects

Pierre Baillargeon
Post date: 
Sat, 11/15/2014 - 10:49

This session is part of the Clean Energy Regulators Initiative Webinar Programme.

Theme 8 - Promotion of Energy Efficiency

Module 1 - Structuring Demand-Side Management Projects 

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November 10th

Compressed Air

The energy costs related to compressed air represent between 10 to 15% of the electricity bill of the average industrial consumer. This application guide gives an overview of technical and organizational solutions that will maximize the energetic efficiency of the system. Implementation of these measures can save up to 25% of the systems’ energy consumption.

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November 7th

Mitigation of voltage unbalance

When the limit values of unbalance factor, specified in standards are exceeded, the use of symmetrizatin systems is required. A symmetrizator should not cause significant active power losses during operation, it implies that the symmetrization process shall be carried out by means of reactive elements (LC) or using active methods (power electronic systems). In this step by step guide, you will learn how to solve unbalance issues.

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Voltage change during drive start

In this guide, a design engineer works on a converter drive design and determines the voltage change coefficient during the drive start, compares it to permissible levels and suggests solutions to have it satisfying the limit.

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Permissible level of voltage fluctuations for a motor

In this guide, a design engineer has to advise his industrial customer who plans to connect a new induction motor to the power supply system. Using the permissible level of voltage fluctuations, his methodology is described.

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